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Utah Women in Film is dedicated to being an educational resource to people in the Utah film community and entertainment industry. We strive to EDUCATE, MENTOR, and SUPPORT women and men to reach for their goals in the industry as professionals.

We also make recommendations to help our members network and find projects that utilize professionalism and respectful set protocol.  Our goal is to build our membership and our reach with other  industry professionals, vendors and organizations.

          Join the UWIF Mentoring Program

The UWIF Mentoring Program is to establish a safe and open environment to discuss issues relating to film and television career objectives. The goal is empower our member to grow within the industry weather you are the mentor or mentee.

Mentees will be assigned to a mentor in the industry who of whom has significant experience in the entertainment industry. Mentors and mentees will be grouped randomly to ensure a cross-disciplinary focus for each group.

Mentees will have 4 2 hour group meeting with others in the program and six one on one meetings for at least one hour with Mentors within a twelve-month period. Dates and locations will be determined solely by Mentors. It is the responsibility of the mentee to be available to attend meetings.

This program is NOW OPEN to active UWIF members at all levels.

ONLY 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE (rules may be changed depending on number or approved mentors available) for this trial first run of the program. We hope to grow the program to up to 80 spots per year.

Mentors and Mentees are expected to maintain mutual respect, honesty and confidentiality at all times.


Mentor Registration ends  December 27, 2014

Mentee Registration ends January 1, 2015

To register just email your first name, last name and resume to marketing@uwif.org. Please make sure you write "Mentoring Program" in the subject head. You will then be sent an application for the program.





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